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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reverse "Podcast": Paul Elam, "Agent Green" and Disorientation 2013 at U of T.

One of the most predictably salient features of hate movements is how completely out-of-touch with reality their narratives are. They depend  on the big lies, and their followers believing  them, to survive.

Sometimes, however, their attempts to stretch their false persecution complexes (and all hate movements depend on they have to assert the absurd idea that those who are victimized, be it people of colour, Jews, women or whoever is the scapegoat, are actually those who are doing the victimizing) are even more than usually farcical and ridiculous.

A good example is this the recent A Voice for Men (AVfM) "outrage" at a panel that I was a part of this past Monday.

Organized by OPIRG TO this panel sought to combat the attempts by misogynists, in alliance with the American based hate site AVfM,  to establish so-called men's rights clubs on campuses in Canada and specifically at U of T. They have done this under the guise of a supposedly "moderate" group, CAFE, that now has plans to have a speaker on campus who thinks declining male enrollment in university can be partly attributed to attempts to fight rape on campus by women. Seriously.

These same groups are planning an event at Queen's Park on Saturday that seeks in part to expose the "fact" that "men are subject to rampant false sexual, Domestic Violence and rape allegations".

But, it seems the "scoop" of the week for them, was their "infiltration" of a "secret feminist meeting" by some coward that they have called "Agent Green". Honestly. It would be hard to make this up! 

Of course, as I have linked to above, this "secret" meeting was actually a highly publicized event that was advertised all over U of T campus as well as online through social media and that was open to the public with no restrictions at all. They have a very odd definition of "secret". Due to the fact that women at U of T have been intimidated and harassed by these groups, the organizers requested that it not be recorded;  a request that we all suspected would not be and that was not, respected.

"Agent Green", like James Bond, managed to make his way into the dangerous public "secret" assembly and, well no doubt soiling himself with fear the whole time, recorded a public event that had a virtually full capacity attendance. What a brave guy! Well done!

So, as it is now all over Facebook and Twitter and there is no difference anymore, here without further ado is the recording of the "secret" feminist meeting. It will make it very clear, from the excellent panel and audience discussion why we need to fight the Men's Rights Movement and its radically reactionary agenda. 

Please note that you have to skip to the seven minute mark.  It would seem that Agent Green is something of an amateur and was too scared to turn the recording device on in the public hall itself. So the first part are sounds of him breathing heavily and his pants swishing while he set up his sting. That took real courage.

The rest is a fantastic discussion and panel dealing with the MRA. Glad it is "out there"!

Please note: The sound quality sucks, which likely has something to do with the idiocy of how it was recorded. The points come through well though. Thanks "Agent Green". Your role playing at being a CSIS guy paid off well. You are going to get our ideas out to thousands of people that would have never heard them.

Original Description:
What’s Wrong with the MRA? The Problem of Men’s Rights Organizing
Speakers: Steph Guthrie (Academy of the Impossible), Jeff Perera (White Ribbon Project), Ashleigh Ingle (Graduate Student Union, University of Toronto), Michael Laxer (Rabble)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, room 2211
252 Bloor Street West

Men’s Rights Activists are cropping up at North American universities, building their “social movement” under the guise of promoting free speech and equality. In actuality, what the MRAs promote and peddle is anti-feminist and misogynist ideology and politics. Their proponents have gone as far as to incite harassment against those who speak out against them and websites like A Voice for Men have publicly slandered and targeted women. Last year, students and community members in Toronto challenged the MRAs by protesting their events on the University of Toronto campus. Since the MRAs consider the University of Toronto to be a key recruiting ground for their cause, and we’ve seen how the University of Toronto administration is all too happy to host them here, this panel will present a case for why Men's Rights organizations and activists are dangerous and why we should build towards an organized feminist movement that can respond to them.

*There will be no video or audio recording of this event. Any oppressive language and/or actions will not be tolerated, and those engaging in such behavior will be asked to leave the event*

Speaker Bios:

Jeff Perera is a Community Engagement Manager for the White Ribbon Campaign, the world’s largest effort to engage men in re-imaging masculinity and help end gender-based violence. Jeff also founded Higher Unlearning, an online space to explore how ideas of gender & masculinity play out in everyday life.

Steph Guthrie is a feminist advocate and community organizer who uses social media and interactive events to spark and sustain conversations about gender justice, labour, politics and education. She is a faculty member and lifelong learner at Academy of the Impossible.

Ashleigh Ingle is a feminist and an anarchist who organizes with working people and students at the University of Toronto and in the community. She is the current chair of the Women and Trans people caucus of the U of T Graduate Students' Union. She participates in grassroots feminist organizing at the University and hopes to see the response to the presence of MRAs to be the creation of a militant feminist movement capable of responding to the manifestations of white supremacy and patriarchy faced by students and workers at the University of Toronto and beyond.

Michael Laxer is blogger for, a two-time former candidate and former election organizer for the NDP, was a socialist candidate for Toronto City Council in 2010 and is on the executive of the newly formed Socialist Party of Ontario.

Update: After the MRA rally in Toronto on September 28 ( a rally that was a total fiasco, as you can read about in this manboobz post) some photos were posted of the rally on Facebook. As an FYI to anti-MRA activists and other feminists for future events you hold, the man wearing the Men's Rights Edmonton placard on himself was at the public Disorientation 2013 anti-MRA panel. Could he be Agent Green? He clearly is not a feminist ally!  (Should the above link to the photos no longer work, I will upload a photo of the door crasher).

Start your own revolution: Towards a new independent socialist electoral activism.

Politics in Canada and more broadly is a very regimented, leader-driven game. From multiple, seemingly different perspectives, we often end with the same result. The hegemonic discourse of neo-liberalism and the overwhelming desire of those in power to stay in power, as well as the subversion by apparatchiks of party "democracy" exists to such an extent that political parties, their members and their caucuses are really mass powerless mouthpieces for their leaders and the backroom strategists that advise those leaders. This has meant that the room to maneuver and to fight for a leftist discourse in electoral terms has narrowed considerably.

While some insist that getting this-or-that candidate nominated, or this-or-that resolution passed at some farcically irrelevant party convention can turn the tide, the evidence of the last 30 years is unequivocal. When the left, in Canada embodied in the NDP, has been in or out of power they have, in economic terms, lost. The right has set the policies and the framework for these policies and the "left" has capitulated to them. This is why, for example, having had the NDP in "power" in Manitoba for many years now has made little difference at all to that province's rates of inequality, people living in poverty or child poverty versus the rest of the country. The NDP has capitulated in advance to the essentially consumerist middle class ideas that drive our politics, so their election or reelection is basically meaningless in any fundamental sense.

Would they have been better and would they be better than the Tories? Yes. Of course. But the same can be, was, and could still be said of the Liberal Party many times. It is not only not an inspiring argument, it is a tiredly old and facile one from any actually socialist point-of-view. If being "better" than the hard right movements that have successfully dismantled the post-war social compromise welfare state is the objective, then that is not hard to achieve. If largely doing the bidding of business lobbyists while talking in "progressive" terms about "getting results", and if being unwilling to stand up for principle, the poor and the marginalized while collecting salaries that place one within the top 2% of income earners is the objective, then the job has been well done.

Leftist discourse has been reduced in meaning in Canada to the point that we have begun to actually believe that fighting to lift ATM fees, take the HST off home heating or to make it more affordable to help contribute to global warming by facilitating the singularly selfish lifestyle choice of driving cars to work in a metropolitan area with mass transit, are "leftist" causes as opposed to the neo-Nader, liberal, consumerist irrelevances that they actually are.

Less than much ado about nothing, they are a sad shadow of when the capitalists used to be actually scared of the left and the possibility of its victory. Now they, at worst, would see it is as a short term inconvenience, like a stock market crash or bad press from a class action lawsuit.

So, apologies to Lenin, what is to be done?

The task of building a new left party faces the tremendous obstacles of not only the institutionalized power bases of the already elected MPs, MPPs, MLAs, MNAs and their staffs and organizers, it also faces the sectarianism of the left generally, the reality that many union leaderships, as in the United States, have bought into a "reformist" strategy where "reform" really means a defensive posture against reaction, and it faces the anti-electoralism of  the many in the "social movement" or "neo-anarchist"  wing of the left who, understandably, think it is all a big farce.

It also faces the reality that Canada is a huge country and that starting a new electoral project is inhibited by obvious problems like a lack of money, the vast distances between activists, inertia, the odd left wing version of apathy and the natural and inevitable distrust of the "new". It is also inhibited by the desire of people to be a part of a "winning team" even if that team is really not winning much of anything at all other than some elections.

Given these very real obstacles, we are faced by the even greater ones of our society's and movement's "leadership cults." For all the talk of wanting to do something new and to construct a new set of social power relations, it is depressing how leftists within their own organizations have entirely adopted the structures of the elites and political movements that they are seeking to supplant. It is depressing how obedience to the leader is seen as a virtue despite the obvious inequality, lack of democracy and historically noxious reality that such obedience implies and reflects.

Overly respecting or playing the sheep to your "leaders" is a fool's game, and the leadership concept itself inevitably leads to inequity, undermines true democracy, creates false and shallow partisanship, and leads drips to get their backs up about even minor criticisms. A new world is never born by adopting the institutions of the old.

While Quebec Solidaire  has begun to chart a new path in collective governance ideas, we in the rest of the country cannot wait for the consciousness of the English Canadian socialist left to catch up.
So, to paraphrase the great leftist singer Billy Bragg, it is time to start your own revolution, and cut out the middle people, the power brokers, the parties, the sycophants, the hacks, the careerists and the opportunists. If the structures do not exist yet, it is time to start to create them yourself with your local friends and comrades. It is time to take back power from the self-appointed, party backed, mouthpieces of institutionalized "leftism".

Where to start? Start with municipal elections. If you are in Ontario, for example, these are coming in 2014, they cost very little ($100) to register in, and you get as many as nearly ten months to get out and make your ideas heard.  Ten months to talk to neighbours, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and whoever will listen to the message that, as a comrade Andrew Klochek put it at the founding convention of the Socialist Party of Ontario, "It is never too late to write the future."

There are more choices than the paltry four "versions" of the same thing that we are being offered, and there are more outcomes that are possible than the depressing ones we have been taught to expect.

Start by telling the naysayers that it is not about winning, it is not about you, it is not about immediate "power," it is about something much bigger than that. It is about turning the tide in a real way. It is about making those in real positions of power uncomfortable and accountable again. It is about empowering citizens to be angry in an anti-capitalist sense and to no longer want to reform the system in minor ways, but rather to reject it entirely. It is about saying this can be done without leader worship, "democratic centralism" or  the sheer idiocy of "solidarity with the leadership" in pathetic social democratic "campaigns" that seek to change little at all.

You can do it yourself. You do have that power. You may not, and in most cases will almost certainly not, "win" in the short term, but if worrying about losing, or desperately trying to talk to people "where they are" had been the tactics of our socialist ancestors we would all be living in the dark ages of the early industrial era still. It is usually an excuse for wanting to "win" anyway.

The only real change occurs when you shift the discourse. That never happens by "talking to people where they are." Doing that is the window dressing of do nothing parliaments and parliamentarians.
Take the fight to the people. Directly. Change the discussion. Directly. Do not wait for some politically appointed and partisan driven committee paid for by a party or government to decide that one minor part of what is important to you and your community is something they might do something about one day. Say it yourself and forget the talking heads.

You can stop interpreting and talking about how bad the world is, and you can instead change it. Marx was right.That is the point.

There has never been a better time for a grassroots, insurrectionist politics in defiance of political leaders and parties. There has never been a better time for citizens to cut the parties and politicians out. They are already irrelevant.

Make politics relevant again.

Run for office, any office, on an independent socialist or syndicalist campaign and start a new discussion in your community.

Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau and their machines are not going to do it for you. They are never going to talk about what matters to you. They are only going to talk about what can get them a seat here-or-there. Most municipal, provincial and federal politicians are nothing but a sad reflection of whatever their "leader" says they are or whatever opportunist stance can get them closer to reelection. That is why no one cares who they are unless they do something "off script", which they basically never do. Almost no one who does not live there can name or cares about an MP or MPP who is outside their own riding who is not in cabinet.

Why should they?  These MPs are paid over $100,000 a year (in many cases well over) to say Yes Minister or Prime Minister and leap up like sheep during a vote as expected.

Cut them out. Be unexpected. Fight back.

You have nothing to lose. And you just might, one day like the early socialists did, change society. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Love in the time of homophobia: The right of LGBT couples to be couples in public

If you are a heterosexual, chances are you have never really given much thought to the daily public displays of affection that we make with our girlfriends or boyfriends, husbands or wives, all the time.
You very likely kiss your partner hello or goodbye in basically any context without any hesitation, hold hands while strolling down the street, stare into each others eyes and touch romantically while lying on that blanket in the park,  and put arms around each other at the movies or in a restaurant while waiting for your food to come.

You never worry about what neighbourhood, venue or restaurant you are doing this in, thinking that some might not be accepting of it, because all are. You don't worry if children or "families" are around.

This is the day-to-day behaviour of love and it is accepted and expected. No one notices when you do this, and if they do notice they likely smile and think that it is sweet, cute or heartwarming.

Which it is.

Except, that is, if you are doing the exact same things and are an LGBT couple.

Over a year ago a young couple in my community started a new initiative for the South Etobicoke (West Toronto) neighbourhood I live in. Bram Zeidenberg and Jamie Berardi had had enough of the homophobia and lack of an LGBT public presence where they lived and they did something about it. They started the Lakeshore Villages LGBT Community Group, went door-to-door to neighbourhood businesses getting them to put up stickers supporting inclusion, made presentations to and got the endorsement of local Business Improvement Areas and during the  last Pride Week, for the first time in this part of the city, the commercial strip had many businesses flying pride flags.

Yet just this past weekend they had to organize a local protest and awareness picnic to stand up against treatment that they say they received at the hands of a local diner's waitress when they sat on the same side of a booth together as a couple.

While the owner of the diner denies many of their claims, there can be little doubt that public displays of affection and small levels of intimacy by LGBT couples are held to an entirely different standard than those of heterosexual couples and that what are seen as perfectly ordinary expressions of love in the one case are labeled as lewd, inappropriate or "disturbing to children" or families in the other.

In fact, of course, many of these seemingly ordinary actions for heterosexual couples result in glares, abuse, harassment and violence for LGBT couples. A common sentiment is that any intimacy between LGBT couples, no matter how minor, belongs behind closed doors or "in the bedroom" as if a kiss is akin to sex. Thus the restaurant owner in the above incident allegedly saying that Mr. Zeidenberg should  “leave his relationship at home”.

This is something that heterosexual couples are simply never asked to do.

In addition, the threat or specter that LGBT couples supposedly present to "families" or "children" is constantly raised. It is raised even by many of those who claim to be fine with LGBT rights, unless, of course, they actually see members of the LGBT community in the real world acting like everyone else does. It is usually framed something like "I have no problems with gays/lesbians/trans people, but they really should keep it to themselves and not force my kids to watch it."

After I had gone with my kids to the rally that was held in Mimico by the Lakeshore Villages LGBT Community Group last Sunday, Mr. Zeidenberg put up a message on my Facebook wall that read:

So terrific to see so many families and kids at our event. We are a family too and no matter what some people might think, children do NOT need to be protected from seeing two individuals in love. There is nothing harmful or offensive about a same-sex couple sitting next to one another in a family restaurant.

This comment made me very sad. Not because of what he said, with which I agree entirely, but because he felt he needed to say it all.  Because of the fact that so many people do still think that children and "families" need to be "protected" from LGBT citizens or couples.

In fact, a report released in 2010 by the Southern Poverty Law Center listed the myth  that "Gay men molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals" as the number one myth propagated by the anti-gay movement. It is a profoundly widespread and destructive myth. And it is completely false.
What is actually harmful to children, however, especially children who may be starting to feel that they do not fit into the heteronormative construct that surrounds them, is to be told and taught by their parents or role models that being an LGBT couple is abnormal, dangerous, or "acceptable" but still something not to be talked about or seen. This is truly harmful.

More to the point, it is also simply wrong. Morally, ethically and in every sense. The notion that LGBT couples should have to behave in a way that would seem prudish by Victorian standards so that citizens who cannot adapt to the 21st Century are not made to feel "uncomfortable" is disgraceful.

Heterosexual citizens and couples are the people who need to get past this. It is incumbent upon us to change. It is not to the LGBT community and couples to accommodate the bigotry and biases that we hold.

The sight of a couple in love is one of the most life affirming things that we are fortunate enough to be able to witness almost daily. I want my children to grow up in a society where LGBT couples kissing, holding hands and sitting beside each other at a diner booth is seen as an equal part of this affirmation of human love.

In the end, you are not truly free to love and to exercise your human rights as equals if you are not able to do so publicly. You are not really free to love if the love must be expressed in the bedroom or in the closet alone for it to be without the danger of humiliation, discrimination or violence.
Heterosexual couples do not have to worry about this or think about it at all. It is time that this was true for every couple.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sexual Harassment on the street, the MRA & hate speech: A discussion with host Sarah Luca of Womyn's Word

This is the discussion that host Sarah Luca of the CHRY radio station show, Womyn's Word and I had on a show in August.

We touch on topics related to street sexual harassment, the Men's Rights Movement, how men can act as feminist allies, and the fight against public and online misogyny.

The interview was prompted by an article I wrote for,  Sexual harassment on the street: Taking misogynist hate speech seriously 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Putting Your Ideas & Principles into Action. How to Start Your Own Activist Municipal Campaign: A Workshop for Activists who Want to Run for Municipal Office in Toronto & Ontario in 2014

Tired of the Toronto transit farce? Upset that the choices municipally seem to often be between different shades of right wing? Want to see social issues, poverty, housing, tenant's rights, the environment, worker's rights, women's rights, LGBT rights and the issues that matter to you put front and centre in a campaign?

Then start your own municipal revolution and cut out the power brokers, pundits and parties.

Run for municipal office in Ontario in 2014. Be it for Councillor, Mayor or whatever office in your community you wish, bring a leftist agenda to the people and to the discussion in your neighbourhood.

You can do it. You can effect the discussion. Take your message directly to your neighbours and the people.

We want to help get you started.

Join us October 6 at the 519 in downtown Toronto for a workshop for Leftist citizens of any stripe that are interested in running. Even if you have just considered doing it, come out to find out what is involved.

519 Community Centre
519 Church St.
Sunday, October 6th
1 p.m.

We will be covering issues like how and when you can register, when you can start campaigning, when you can open an office or put up signs, who you can legally get donations from, how to find an auditor, how to maximize your impact if you are running a low budget campaign, who to reach out to for help, how to manage keeping track of your expenses and much more.

Michael Laxer, a socialist candidate for Toronto City Council in 2010 will discuss the lessons he learned from his first campaign, what he would and will do differently, the impact that running can have and what goals you need to set for a first, insurgent campaign.

Joey Schwartz, an expert on election rules and finances who has been an organizer on multiple campaigns, will then do an in-depth look at the rules, important dates and what you need to know to get going and to do it right.

This will be followed by an extensive Q&A session and a chance for you to meet and network with other like minded activists.

This event is 100% non-partisan, is not affiliated with any party or left wing group or formation and is open to anyone on the left. It is open to anyone in Ontario.

The event will also be free. We do ask that you preregister so that we will have space and materials available for you.

You can preregister or ask any questions by emailing us at or posting a comment. 

You can find the event and track developments on Facebook at:

Make sure that the principles, ideas and policies that would and will change your community get heard!

519 Community Centre
519 Church St.
Sunday, October 6th
1 p.m.

Monday, September 9, 2013

M is for misogyny: From frat boy chants to society

From the Atlantic: "SMU boys, we like them young. Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass."

To the Pacific: "Y-O-U-N-G at UBC we like em young Y is for yourrr sister O is for ohh so tight U is for under age N is for noo consent G is for goo to jail."

We have all heard about the Canadian university rape chants by now. Many of us may remember hearing or are hearing similar chants or sentiments at our university "Frosh Weeks" and beyond.
Student unions attempted to excuse or hide it (before apologizing), administrators have been quick, rightfully, to condemn it, but it is what it is. A profoundly disturbing realization that young men, and sadly some women, will participate in collective chants glorifying raping underage girls as a mechanism to belong and to fit in. That this culture of abusive, violent male behaviour is seen by many men as a way to draw men together. That it is seen as a way of telling the other young men they are wishing to bond with that they too have no problem with being a "man", that they too are a man who wants young women, whether or not the young women want them, and that they are not some "sissy". That feeling this way about women is expected and anticipated if you wish to be a part of or bond with the male group.

As with all collective chants, from the bleating of the sheep in Animal Farm to the chants of drunken sports fans, it reflects a desire to be a part of a collective. It turns out that this collective regards making a joke of rape a rite of passage.

And this collective is very large; far larger than the university frat boy idiotic reflections of it.

In fact, like other ideologically hegemonic ideas and oppressions, manifestations of this kind of mass misogyny should come as no surprise. But it does. It does because, despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we chose to see misogyny as a secondary issue and to label its manifestations as anomalies or "jokes". We say that it is "natural", it is "boys being boys" and that there is "nothing you can do about it". We celebrate pathetic male singers and entertainers whose whole motif is to degrade, belittle, objectify and dismiss women. Men in positions of power regularly protect other men and young men, such as high school football stars, when they are accused of rape. Why would we expect reflections of this in broader society or in university to be any different?

Given the inherent violence and degrading nature of the depictions of women in the porn/video game/ music video culture, and given the extraordinary violence against women manifested in the vast bulk of Hollywood horror or thriller films, it is not hard to understand why young men reflect it as they try to fit in and conform in what for most of them is their first time "outside the nest".

In reality why would we expect any different from the boys of a society that has made a pop song about anal rape a runaway hit, that has a music video "culture" in which it is actually surprising to see a video by a male pop artist in which women are not objectified, that has ingrained pornography so much into the very fabric of the day-to-day that it is becoming increasingly inseparable from "mainstream" entertainment and advertising, that exploits and sexually objectifies primarily its youngest citizens, both male and female, for male gratification and that holds up the desires of men, no matter how destructive or exploitative, as some kind of litmus test of  "freedom"?

Worse it occurs in a context where the backlash against the equality gains of women and the women's movement grows daily. From the rapid, alarming and profoundly reactionary growth on Canadian university campuses of the Men's Rights Movement and of its absurd notions of "reverse sexism" and the need for "men's equality", to the political expressions of forms of these same ideas in mainstream politics, to the increasing and farcical idea that men and boys are "falling behind" or that education and civil society have been "feminized", these chants and examples of collective male misogynist outbursts were and are a basic and integral facet of a society dominated by men in which part of "being a man" and relating to men consists of telling other men that you are the same kind of disgraceful example of a man that they are.

The point is that they are not the exception. They are simply an uncomfortable expression of the norm.
Acknowledging how deeply ingrained and how common such male "chat" and thinking is, as well as how obviously wrong it is,  would mean putting our safely constructed, male worldviews at risk. To acknowledge one's own complicity in oppression is simply a ne plus ultra, a Rubicon we as men are seemingly mentally incapable of crossing almost entirely out of our own self-interest.

This is reflected in the overwhelming male consensus around issues like pornography and prostitution and our basic sense of entitlement to them. It is reflected by our so often expressed desire to claim that "men" are being just as "victimized" as women or that women`s issues are secondary or no longer relevant. But we do so by talking about issues related to class, race and even the expectations that Patriarchy sets for men, none of which are centred around the oppression of men as men, an oppression which simply does not exist outside of an LGBT context.

It is reflected in examples like Hugo Schwyzer, a man who basically demanded to be acknowledged as a feminist, who taught "Women's Studies" courses that included supposed "analysis" of porn, and who has now admitted, among other things, that he slept with his students and even a much younger porn star at the time. He essentially used "feminism" as a way to get entirely inappropriate sexual gratification. There is little more predictably male than that.

It easier to think that it is the fault of women that we as men fail or suffer injustice than to accept that we do so in a society whose power institutions and relations were created by other men. Better even to deny that men have power or are primarily responsible for Capitalism or Patriarchy at all.
This is how rape culture, Patriarchy and misogyny are an ideological hegemony. They are not only accepted and excused, they are a fundamental and day-to-day part of a society's power relations. They define and are therefore expressed as a part of our basic cultural conformism and discourse.

Be it at water coolers, in gym change rooms,  football team meetings, strip clubs or wherever men congregate or relate as men to each other, the type of discourse and misogyny seen at these campuses  always rears its ugly head eventually.

The terrible and horrific reflection of these "antics" in real terms is the persistence of daily male violence and harassment against women in our society on a mass scale, from rape to spousal or partner abuse.

While they were done in a public forum and in a way that has brought deserved punishment and critical attention, the Frosh chants are really no different from countless other expressions of these kinds of misogynist backslapping "jokes" and thinking that men engage in together all the time.