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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Letter to landlord.

Mr. #$$%%&^&***(

Natalie Lochwin and I have an order against #&^%(&^ Ontario Ltd. from the Landlord and Tenant Board for #$%^$$

This judgement is non-negotiable and payment in full was to have been made by October 4th, 2013 , according to the order itself. This has not occurred and this is a violation of Board's order.

As your legal counsel will advise you, and as the Landlord and Tenant Board's own website makes clear:

“An order issued by the Board is similar to a court order.  Most of the terms and conditions of Board orders can be enforced through the courts.  For example, an eviction order can be filed with the Court Enforcement Office (also known as the Sheriff’s office) to be enforced; or an order for payment of money may be filed with the Small Claims Court for enforcement.

Once the Board issues an order, it is final.  The Board will not change the order because a party does not like the decision or because a party believes that a different decision should have been made.”

If we do not receive the full amount owed to us according to the judgement within 14 days we will commence further collection and legal action against you at that time without any further communication.

Please send payment in full to %(&^ Lake Shore Blvd. W., Toronto, Ontario, $%^$%^.

We anticipate your prompt attention to this matter,

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